Creative Photography by: leann santa barbara

My First Photography: In these two photos, i used the techniques that we learned in the beginning of the semester. For example, in the first image i used filling the frame as well as leading lines to make the focal point the center of the plant. In the second image i used leading lines to draw the viewers attention to the arched door.
Photo Editing: The first image was used for the assignment "elevating the ordinary". I used snapseed in order to give a dramatic feel to the image as if it could be real. In the second image, I did the same with the objects that we were given and to then creat a creatively composed picture.
Photographer inspired:
Black and White: My though process behind the first image was to give an effect of filling in the frame as well as having leading lines to the stem of the pumpkin. In the second image I wanted to have depth and drama to the image. In here, the plant gives off the effect i was looking for in that its abstract.
Still Life: In the first image I filled in the frame. In the second i wanted to have a shadow effect to the image while making the actual flower part of the image stand out the most.
People photography: In these two images, i used the reflector to take away any shadows to the models faces. With doing so, it takes away any dark fades on the persons face and instead brightens it.
Through out this course, I have gained so much knowledge and new ways of the "behind the scenes " thinking process that is put into taking a photo. Never would I have thought that there were different tactics to making a image visibly pleasing to the viewer. For example, rule of thirds is a way of making an image pleasing to the eye in the sense of having an even or odd number of objects in the image. Another method we used was leading lines which can be used as a way to draw the viewer's attention to a object at the end or just the alignment can make the image pleasing. A quick and easy method was also "fill the frame" in which the photographer focuses on the focal point of an object or whatever they may be taking a picture of. Whether it be the center of a Rose or someone's eye, you would get a really close view point of either of those main points
My Favorite: This image gives me a feeling of peace as well as appreciation for living things, even though it's a still object. With editing the photo, it gives a painting vibe.
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leann santa barbara

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