European multinational companies' involvement in education - 2010

The research is a pilot study based on automatic content analysis done on the CSR reports of the 70 multinational companies from EU (reporting on GRI database for 2010).

GRI - reporting standards on sustainability issues related to economic results, and to environmental and social impact of the companies.

Two objectives: test and develop the "infrastructure" for conducting the content analysis of CSR reports of EU multinational companies (2010-2016); learn about the strengths and weaknesses of Nvivo.

Country: UK - 23%, Germany - 13%, Netherlands - 11%, Finland - 10%, France - 7%, Sweden - 7%.

Sector: Other - 16%, Food and beverage products - 10%, Financial Services - 8.5%, Conglomerates - 4%, Construction - 4%.

How much companies talk about education?

What types of education are mentioned?

Involvement in vocational training or / and internships

Possible target groups of the education programs or projects.

How much do they talk about their employees?

8892 coding references

How much do they talk about their suppliers?

4137 coding references

What are the CSR reports actually about?


Germany case - vocational (65%) & internships / apprenticeships (37%). Finland, Austria, and France also "behave" differently.

Spain, Italy, and financial services sector - "behave" differently in almost all the sections.

Companies talk about education almost as much as they talk about their suppliers.

The CSR report are much less about the CSR DNA (value, governance, environment and community involvement - Visser, 2012), and much more about the company itself and its products or services.

Nvivo / automatic content analysis' challenges:

Child / children issues: "child labour".

Trainining issue: "trains".

Co-occurrences issue - still have to learn about it.

Visualization and exporting data issues.


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