Keep Passing! Will you be the winner?


Keep Passing is a fun fast paced game for all ages. Players put down different hands, and if your opponents can no longer play, you win the round! The first person with no cards wins the game! This game is great for parties, special occasions, recreation, anything you can think of.


Use 1 deck of 54 cards or 2 decks

2-5 players

Shuffle the cards, and deal five cards to each player, leave the rest of the cards to the side to draw from. roll a die, the player gets the largest number on the die goes first.

The players play they hands counter clockwise.

When no-one has a hand that can beat the last person's hand, the round ends. Everyone draws one card from the deck, and the player who won the round starts the next turn, and plays any hand they wish. If the deck runs out, nobody draws, and the player who wins the round keep playing for the next turn.

Remember, single cards can only followed by single cards, pairs can only follow by pair, and same with the straights, the number of the cards has to match.

The game ends when someone plays all cards in their hand.

Players can play these possible hands:

Order: 2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3


Player must play one number larger than the card that last player put down. (3 must be followed by 4)

3 is the smallest single card, can’t beat anything

2 is largest single card, can beat every single card. Can play at any time during a single turn.


2 cards of a same number. Same as the singles, can only be followed by one number larger. (55 must be followed by 66)

Also 22 is the strongest pair, can be played at any time during a pair turn.


3 or more cards that next to each other. For example, 3,4,5 can only followed by 4,5,6. Straight can only go up to A, such as Q,K,A.


3 or 4 of the kind, or 2 jokers. Can be played at any time in each turn. Can beat anything.

Order of the bombs are similar, but does not have to played in order. For example: QQQ can beat 888. Four of a kind can beat three of a kind. 2 jokers can beat any hands.


Can’t be played by itself. Can substitute any card. For example, if you have 5,6,8, you can use a joker to substitute the 7, and play as a straight 5,6,7,8

If you don’t have any cards to follow, then you need to keep passing and keep drawing the cards from the deck. That why the game is called KEEP PASSING.

How to Play

Describe, step-by-step, how the game is played. Be sure to include:

The first person to play is determined by roll of dice

The person who rolls the highest number starts

If there is a tie, those people roll amongst themselves and the highest number starts

As explained in the rules, single cards can only followed by single cards, pairs can only follow by pair, and same with the straights, and the number of the cards has to match. The only thing that can beat these is a bomb.

The first player to get rid of all cards wins!

Any More Questions? Watch Our Video Here

We hope you enjoy this game! Find Keep Passing! at your local store today.


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