Colonial Taxes by Noah#26

How would you feel if you had to pay taxes for a city you didn't live in? Mad, right?That's how colonial Americans felt when they had to pay taxes to Britain. Colonial Americans were paying taxes very often almost weekly to a country across the Atlantic! There is a lot to learn about colonial America taxes.

colonial paper= lots of taxes

The French and Indian War started taxes. The war made Britain ship more and more troops losing vast amounts of money. Britain needed money so they started taxing the colonies. Britain wanted more control and more money so they taxed for odd things like paper, molasses and hats!

Britain= need money

Taxes were for Britain because they lost all their money in the war. The taxes made the colonies mad and made them rebel. Taxes are what started the Revolutionary War. People heard about taxes through the paper or through the tax collector. Colonies payed taxes for materials because the British forbid them from getting their own materials.

The taxes made the colonies rebel so eventually they fought a war to there freedom. The Revolutionary War stopped bad taxes and created the United States of America. There were to wars that started and stopped taxes. The French and Indian War initiated taxes while the American Revolution ended British taxes. "Taxation without representation is tyranny."

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