Stuck In The Pool By Haley mills

Long Long Ago, There was a little Waterdroplet her name was Michelle.


She had a beautiful sister named Melissa.


They lived in the beautiful, Pacific Ocean.

Ocean Home

They (Michelle and Melissa) didn't like sitting around at home so they decided to go on a vacation.

"Michelle but I can't go." Melissa explained.

"Why not, it will be fun going on a vacation. We haven't had a vacation in like 200 years." Michelle explained back.

"Oh fine, where are you planning to take us?" Melissa asked.

To a pool! Michelle shouted.

To a pool? Melissa asked.

"Yes to a pool, there will be humans and you know we haven't seen humans in like 400 years. Last time we went there was 2 adults, 3 babies, and 1 five year old that kept peeing in the pool. I wouldn't consider that as a vacation." Michelle explained.

I guess it will be nice, wait is it a outdoor pool or a indoor pool? Melissa asked.

"Outdoor cause it's summer." Michelle explained.

"Ok, I'll pack!" Melissa shouted.

So they (Melissa and Michelle) packed there stuff, and went to the airport quickly. When they were on the airplane Melissa kept eating all the air snacks.

When they finally arrived, They went straight into the pool. It was much much better than, 400 years ago when that kid kept peeing the pool.

At the pool there was, 7 adults, 5 kids that didn't pee in the pool, and there was something called a hot tub.

It was very dark and they were closing the pool. The rain drops were going to swim away back to the ocean.

Whoosh! The pool cover covered the pool. There was no way out.

Help! Help! Help! They screamed.

Get Us Out Of Here! They yelled.

"Omg, were gonna miss ourbplane. We should've never came here."Melissa explained.

Michelle tried to figure away out but there was no way. All their was, was a slingshot, a paper bowl, and a hole in the cover.

Ding!!! Michelle had an idea. They were going to get in the bowl, sling the slingshot into the ocean.




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