Most expensive Transfers in soccer

So the first step to our project was to decide on a topic and find the data for it . I chose the most expensive transfers in football, found the data for it, put it into a google spread sheet and divided it into three equal sections.

Then I put the data into student desmos.

After this I worked on my lines of best fit

Line of best fit no.1 calculations
Line of best fit no.2 calculations
Line of best fit no.3 calculations
overall line of best fit calculations
Lines of best fit on the graph

My next step was to predict what the cost of the most expensive player in 2067 and 2112. For that I used the line of best fit formula but replaced the x with the number that represents 2067 and 2112 on my graph.

So my predictions say that the most expensive player in 2067 will cost 334 million$ and the most expensive player in 2112 will cost 537 million$

In my graph I did see an outlier which was a the most expensive transfer in 2017 but the reason for that is the 2017-2018 season hasn't started which is why the big transfers haven't been done yet.

Thank you :D

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