Principal Report 2019 | TERM FOUR | 1 NOVEMBER

Have you ever heard of the quote from Albert Einstein, ‘Creativity is more important than knowledge’? This is one of my favorite quotes. I believe that this is more true in our times where information about anything can be found at any time or at any place. Sir Ken Robinson, an international advisor on education, education reform, creativity and innovation, expands on Einstein’s quote stating that ‘Creativity is now as important in education as Literacy and should be treated with the same status’.

As most parents, I play a part in my children’s learning through reading to them every night. We do this because we know that reading is an essential skill that they need to have to be successful. Five years ago, my partner and I decided to move creativity high on our priority list for what we wanted our kids to have for their future. And that was when it happened. On the first day of every November for one week only, the dinosaurs came to life in our house. Dinovember was born and the dinosaurs have been playing up in our house causing havoc, and as a consequence sparking enormous amounts of imagination. A major skill acquirment for creativity!

Creativity has been one of our major focuses this year. If you managed to get up to school to see our Student Led Exhibition last term, you would of seen our work through student’s leading their learning using creativity and critical thinking. Next year we will be continuing our journey into developing our 6Cs by having internationally reknown speaker, Lane Clark working with our staff over two days in March. We are looking forward to continuing our journey to developing creative and critical thinking minds for the students of Coburg North Primary School.

2020 Curriculum and Student Free Days

This week school council has approved our curriculum days and student free days for 2020. Our focus for our curriculum days will be on developing our 21st century curriculum working with Lane Clark and continuing to improve our differentiated curriculum through our work in Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

Our teachers will be working additional hours over four days to provide parents with an opportunity to meet individually with them for ‘Meet the Teacher’ and our mid year ‘Parent Teacher Interviews’. Below are the following dates. We hope that this will provide families with enough time to plan for days off work, or to arrange alternative care.

  • Tuesday 28th January - Curriculum Day
  • Tuesday 10th March - Curriculum Day (Lane Clark, Day 1)
  • Wednesday 11th March - Curriculum Day (Lane Clark Day 2)
  • Tuesday 14th April - Curriculum Day (PLC)
  • Friday 26th June - Day in Lieu
  • Monday 2 November - Day in Lieu

If there are any questions in regards to curriculum days or days in lieu, please see our compass post titled ‘Why do we have two student free days this term’.

Building Update

Everything is running along smoothly. We are so excited for our new space.

November 2019


We would like to congratulate Geordie Corbet, Nicholas Baker, Bernadette Maxwell, Tamara Gray and Gabby Young who applied for teaching positions at Coburg North Primary School. We are happy to have these great staff members back for another year.

Until next fortnight, have a good one,

Monika Gruss