Motte and baileycastle by Daniel Sheppard

In 1066 the Nornmans won the battle of Hastings the nornmans took over England built over 500 castles in one year. They built castles to protect them selfs they builed thay over eventaly made of stone.

Castle Building

The Normans built castles help with defence first the castles were made out of wood but they turned it in to stone because wooden castles were not very strong the last castle built was in 1200.

Everyday life

The Normans enjoyed their food and then it was noisy because they were building weapons they enjoyed achvities like archery sword fights and wresting.


There were many defences in place inculding, moats, this was a ditch built around the castle that stopped invaders getting into the castle an arrow loop helped archers by giving them a gap to shoot through a murder hole was used to drop enemies to their death

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