Self-Designed #2 Maintaining Happiness

Having had several years of troubled emotions and high school, I took this opportunity to do something for myself. After climbing out of depression, maintaining happiness is very important to me. In order to better maintain high spirits, I created a plan to spread happiness to others. I made it a goal that every day for a week I would give each of my closest friends a compliment and a motivational snapchat. It sounds corny or played out but it means a lot more than one might think.

After completing the week of giving, I felt even better about myself and my relationships with others. I was helping make people smile and laugh. I was boosting morale as a whole. It really made me glow with happiness to see that what I was doing was affecting others in such a positive way. It also helped me to be a better person to the people I am not as close with because the kindness will spill out of me. I am continuing the daily compliments and motivation after the week because something so small has actually made a huge impact on my life

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