What Was Ellis Island? By Alexa Damewood


The reason that the immigrants came to America, was because the countries that they had come from would have no food, or was poor, or something was wrong with their country. Africa, for example, had some very poor countries that didn't have a lot of food or money. Africa today still has some poor countries. Not all immigrants came through Ellis Island, but a lot did.

Pros of Ellis Island:

  • Immigrants got a chance to go to a new country that wasn't all poor.
  • They had food and water.
  • They could make friends from other countries.

Cons of Ellis Island:

  • Sometimes, they got shoved into a 5-6 story building with about 32 families (about 128 people).
  • At least 250,000 immigrants got turned away at Ellis Island, and sent back to their terrible country.
  • Women couldn't get in if they didn't have a male with them. They had to wait until a male came and got them.

How Did They Get In?

They had to answer questions like: "Do you have any kids? Do you have family in America? Do you have a job? Where did you come from? Are you married?" and things like that. They couldn't have any diseases so they had to get checked. One of the diseases was Trachoma. What they did was take a buttonhook and flip your eyelids inside out to check for signs.

How Was Daily Life Different On Ellis Island?

The people on the island had to be stuffed in pens with a bunch of people and they didn't get the best of food. They got different types of soups, breads, and potatoes. There were a lot of people in line so they probably didn't always get a pen to sleep in.

What Did The Ships That Came To The Island Look Like?

The ships had a lot of of people on them, and most of them looked similar to this.

Interesting Facts

  • Ellis Island is now a museum that you can visit in New York.
  • One of the most famous statues called "The Statue Of Liberty" is located on Ellis Island.

Annie Moore was the first immigrant to arrive on Ellis Island. She was Irish and she was known as the "Rosy Cheeked Girl". She was born on April 24, 1874. She traveled on the stem ship called "Nevada" with her two younger brothers, Anthony and Philip. Annie gave birth to 11 children, but 5 died as infants. She died at only the age of forty-seven in 1924.

The End!

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