Renaissance By:Joshua.A

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance because people would trade frequently and for longer distance.The Silk Road allowed travelers and traders to go to different lands and places.After the Black Death millions died but the food and gold didn't get damaged.People who survived used those resources to rebuild and trade with other major cities.

Italian Trade Cities

Medici family

Left side picture:Chapel of the Princes Mausoleum of the Medici Family--Bottom right:Medici Banking--Top right:Medici art

Greek and Roman past

Themes from Roman mythology were extensively used in paintings. Sculptors (especially Michelangelo) were inspired by Roman reproductions of Greek statues which were unearthed in Rome in this period. Painters also studied these statues to learn to draw the human body as they were so impressive. Architecture was also influenced by the architecture of the Romans. Brunelleschi went to Rome to study the dome of the Pantheon before he built the dome of the Florence cathedral.

Greek influence came at a later stage. Most Greek books had been lost and hardly anybody could read Greek. Things changed with the fall of the Byzantine Empire. When the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453, many Greek scholars went to Italy and taught Greek and the Greek classics. Ancient Greek influence spread quickly.

Leonardo da Vinci(Paintings)

Top right: the last supper--Bottom: Mona Lisa

The article was about what his art was about.It talked about What they meant and why he made them.It shows his paintings in the article.


Left:movable type machine--Middle:movable type stamps--Right:printing press

William Shakespeare's writing reflected humanism because he thought every human was important and has a value."The following passage reflects the renaissance idea that each human being is important"(Holt317).The evidence supports my answer because it says during the renaissance people believed in humanism.Shakespeare attract a big audience because he was funny and believed in humanism.People would love his comedies and the theatre was always full.Shakespeare believed everyone was equal and no one was better than anyone else.

Left :hamlet. right:Romeo and juliet


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