The Mainsail Newsletter - Issue 2 2019

From the Principal

I hope you have all had an opportunity to visit our stunning new Senior School building, refurbished Science block and our newly converted Canteen. These were the next steps in our evolution! The walls are adorned with inspiration from the words of those that have helped shape history. Each area of our new building is cloaked in quotes, sayings or motivational words. We want to spark the imagination, encourage the ideas.

We have grown from eight classrooms in 2015 to 40 classrooms today. We now have a Design and Technology Building, a Library, Computer labs, a Performing Arts space, a Visual Arts room, Administration, two new Science Labs and Music rehearsal rooms. These bricks and mortar represent visible change, but so much more goes into creating such a space. Ideas and input from staff and students assisted in structures, usage and even furniture!

Stage 3 is our Senior School. The catch cry of education is ‘flexible learning spaces’. We have built a mix of flexible spaces alongside more traditional classrooms. The blend provides us with adaptability for the future.

You may also have noticed that our Gymnasium has started on the western boundary. This double basketball court sized space will help provide greater sporting and meeting opportunities for our School. It will also allow a large enough space for our school production.

We have become known as the Orange Army from the North, we know no fear, we embrace hard work and celebrate the achievements of our own…without jealousy. We share in each other’s joy and success. These new building should give our entire community the confidence to know that the future looks very bright at St James’.

If you haven’t already done so, please come by and have a look at our new spaces. The Orange Army has some new barracks!

Mr Adrian Pree

From the Deputy Head of Junior School

The Orange Standard: A Framework for Quality

This year, the Junior School and Secondary School have introduced a framework for which good quality work is built upon. This framework is called the Orange Standard.

The Orange Standard can be seen in every classroom from Year 3 upwards at St James’ and also features in the Junior School diary.

St James’ values academic excellence and encourages all students to give their very best. It is upon these two principles that the Orange Standard was developed.

Students use the Orange Standard to judge their own work with the aim of producing a very good piece. It is envisaged that the Orange Standard will become part of the culture at St James’ over the next year. Parents, please encourage your children to work towards the Orange Standard, not only in their classwork but with their homework too.

A more detailed checklist to the Orange Standard is available in classrooms. The Orange Standard was designed and developed by St James’ staff.

Mr Nicholas Townsend

From the Head of Senior School

As students head off for a well earned break over the holidays, many students may spend more time than usual on their phones and tablets. This is a good time to remind families to talk to your children about online safety and responsibility.

We have been educating students this week that being online is not anonymous and they should use the same considerate behaviour online that they would if they were having a conversation in person. Even when we assume messages are private or meant in jest, there can be serious consequences to inappropriate online behaviour. We urge students to consider their contribution to such forums of communication, and that their choice of language and topic of conversation reflects both on them as an individual and on our school.

While we do educate our students about safe and acceptable online behaviour, I encourage you to continue this education at home. Please have a conversation with your child /children about how they engage online. Students need to understand that they most certainly do leave a digital footprint and need to be mindful of this. Most importantly, students need to always ask themselves 'is what I am about to say or do intended to leave the recipient(s) in a better state' before they communicate.

You can learn more about online safety at the following link:

I wish you all a happy and restful break.

Mr Chris Hall

Year 6 GRIP Leadership Conference

On Wednesday 27 March the St James’ Junior School Leaders attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference.

Held at the Perth Convention Centre the 16 students mingled with over 1100 different student leaders from across Perth. Key topics covered included developing myself to lead, making a difference in our leadership team, making a difference at my school and making a difference to society.

It was a great day to discuss and reflect on our Core Character Traits of a Leader. Students returned to St James’ with some great ideas on how they can contribute the to the school community.

2019 ACC and NIPSSA Swimming Carnivals

Winners are grinners! St James’ scooped the pool this term, winning both the NIPSSA Swimming Carnival (Junior School) and ACC Swimming Carnival (Senior School).

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of both winning teams. The students performed to the absolute best, pushing themselves and showing that all their hard work at training sessions had paid off.

A special congratulations to those who were awarded Champion Boy or Girl in their year groups.

We are the Orange Army!!

Junior School winning NIPSSA Swimming Carnival Team

Visual Art in Term 1

The Art rooms have been buzzing with creativity and productivity this term! The drying racks have been overflowing with inventive and skilful artworks and students are returning each lunchtime to eagerly continue working on their projects. The Senior School students have been enjoying their new studio space and have been taking full advantage of it with drawings that are metres in length and sculptures that are being fired in the new kiln.

On Friday 29 March Rachelle Dusting led an oil painting incursion for the Year 9 and 10 Visual Art students. Rachelle graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Western Australia and has established her skills as a painter under the tutelage of world-class artists. She is specialises in realism and photorealism, however also enjoys exploring new mediums such as large-scale murals and public art. The intensive course strengthened students understanding of the foundational elements of value, perspective, temperature and skin tones. Both staff and students were in awe of Rachelle’s skills and her generosity in sharing her oil painting knowledge.

This term two art clubs have been helping plan and design sets and costumes in preparation for the Mary Poppins school production. Students from Year 4 upwards have expertly used sewing machines, paint rollers, glue guns and paintbrushes to bring their visions to life.

On Saturday 6 April St James’ students were lucky enough to take part in one of the biggest community arts projects in the northern corridor, the Twilight Lantern Parade. This illuminated extravaganza showcased works of art produced by local schools, community groups and professional artists from around the world. Inspired by the theme ‘A Space Dream’ our Year 3s were little astronauts who wore jet packs with lights for flames and the Year 6s were cybermen with steampunk inspired masks and EL wire lights. It was so wonderful to see the students wearing their artwork with pride, and with St James’ being one of the biggest groups taking part it certainly made an impact. Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of the artworks and helping out on the night.

Preparations are underway for the upcoming ANZAC service. This year each student is sculpting and painting their own clay poppy brooch to wear on the day. The sea of red poppies will serve as a moving art installation and a personal prompt for remembrance.

Mrs Tanisha Burtnyk and Ms Jo Walden

Close the Gap Fundraiser

On Thursday 21 March St James’ students took part in a free dress day for our Close the Gap fundraiser. The students wore either a red, yellow or black t-shirt, for a gold coin donation. During Morning Fitness the students participated in an art activity that Mrs Burtnyk put together, where every student decorated a paper leaf with Aboriginal patterns. Mrs Burtnyk has collected these leaves and will be creating a larger artwork to go on display in the School.

Together St James’ raised over $550! This money will be donated to the Close the Gap campaign, which is working to help increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life expectancy around Australia. Thank you to everyone who participated on the day and helped raise such a large amount for such a worthwhile cause.

Health and Physical Education

Last week Year 10 students attended the annual RAC bstreetsmart Road Safety event. The event was held at RAC Arena and attended by over 9500 students from nearly 100 schools across WA. The main purpose of the program is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young West Australians by promoting safe behaviours as drivers, riders and passengers. The event included a realistic re-enactment of a crash scene where emergency personnel performed their life saving roles just the way they would if they attended a motor vehicle accident on the road. Students had a chance to listen to speakers who have been directly impacted by road trauma and the long lasting effect it has had on them, their family and their friends. To cap off an emotional and real-life experience we all felt privileged to listen to one of our own St James’ parents, Allan Newbold, talk about his amazing career as a critical care paramedic with the RAC rescue helicopters. Attending this event has supported the Keys for Life pre-driver education program and the RAC road safety workshops being run in Year 10 Health during Semester One.

This term, 13 students braved the early mornings to attend board riders club in Scarborough. It was an excellent way to start the day and was fantastic to see the joy in their faces when they were able to stand up. This club will run again in Term 4.

Year 9 Marine Studies students have had a series of wonderful beach excursions this term. Conditions have been excellent and students have been able to find abalone, herring, whiting, snapper, rock cod and crayfish. They were also fortunate enough to see a seal, dolphins and a string ray. In the classroom they completed marine animal dissections, while looking at different food chains and food webs within the different marine environments.

On Friday 10 April St James’ will hold their annual Interhouse Cross Country carnival. Students in Kindergarten to Year 10 will participate and compete in a cross country course around the campus. In preparation for the carnival Mrs Monger has been running the 100km club on Wednesday mornings. This club will continue to run in Term 2 to continue to improve our fitness leading up to the event. On the day we require parent volunteers to maximise student safety. If you are available to assist in the afternoon, please email me on jmeulenkamp@stjames.wa.edu.au.

Fantastic Beasts at Perth Zoo

This term the Year 7 students went to Perth Zoo as part of their HASS and Science programs.

For their liveability unit in HASS the students took advantage of Perth’s public transport, taking the train and ferry to the Zoo. A highlight of the day was seeing dolphins in the Swan River! Walking through Elizabeth Quay the students were able to contextualise how Perth received its liveability rating and imagined improvements they could make in their own dioramas of the city.

Perth Zoo afforded students the opportunity to learn more about the classification of animals in the Zoo’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and How to Name Them’ activity. This program, which related to the student’s Biology unit, afforded the brave students the opportunity to pet snakes and lizards! The group had a fantastic day and loved spending time out in our beautiful city.

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