J. Hilliard Art 1 portfolio

This is an artist trading card. Artists use them to express their goals. One of mine was to travel around the world.
For these, I cut out images and glued them to the paper to show the different elements of art.
These were from our Chiaroscuro unit and we used different types of line when drawing these. The figure of the wooden man is called a gesture drawing. They show movement of something in a picture.
Here's another image of the chiaroscuro unit with the one point box. .
This is one of my pretests I took at the beginning of the year. I feel like Mrs. Burwell has taught me a lot about shading.
This was a perspective drawing I drew at the beginning of the year. I used different lines and shades to draw this picture.
This is a bone drawing I did around the beginning of the semester. I used different tones to shade the cow skull.
These are the ears I learned how to draw near the beginning of the year. I used different pencils to shade in certain areas that needed different tones.
I tried to use a blending stick for these eyes to make the skin tone closely match that of a person.
For my noses, I used different pencils and Mrs. Burwell helped me shade in some.
I looked at pictures of lips to make them look more life-like. I wanted to capture the essence of what real lips look like.
These are both of my online images that I made for the personal symbolisms unit. They all incorporate different symbols of me. These are both surrealist images because they both have elements that you wouldn't find in your everyday life.
This is my pop art that I made. This was inspired by Andy Warhol, a famous artist.
This is my clay mask that we spent around 4 weeks on. I used different glazes to make my mask really pop.
This final self portrait was really difficult because I had to use all the of the elements of design we used this year

For our puppet project, we made the puppets for the school production "One Home" and this play was about how all the animals came together much like the humans did. My group helped paint an eland which is an animal native to Africa.

Over the course of this semester, I feel like I have grown as an artist and a person. Mrs. Burwell taught us some really valuable skills when drawing like blending, using different types of pencils, and even what paints are good for certain types of paper. We learned a lot about where art came from also. We watched a movie with the famous artist Vermeer and his uses of different shades of vivid colors to make his paintings shine. We've used all different mediums in art from clay to acrylic to watercolor, and even graphite. These helped me expand beyond just pencil and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. -Georgia O'Keeffe

Rams Head (1935)

One of my family friends always had this image hanging in her house and it always amazed me that someone could do that. I looked at it every time I went to her house. It is my favorite painting.

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