"Using BTY Programming has made going to the gym so much more enjoyable and easy. I know exactly what I’m doing when I get to the gym so I can get in and out within 45-60 minutes, while feeling well accomplished."
-Erin Sutphen

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Vincent Terry

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Physiology

About BTY_Programming

Our health is the ultimate determinant of who we are as people, what type of life we live, and how we are able to enjoy all the things life has to offer. Staying active is difficult. Unless we are intrinsically motivated to get ourselves up and moving with a purpose, exercising is not easy. That’s where BTY_Progamming comes into play. Once you make the decision to make a lifestyle change, BTY is here to make things as easy as possible, and support you until you meet your goals: and then help you exceed them. Whether that be to become more active, lose weight, increase muscle tone, or maximize athletic performance, BTY will formulate a program that fits your exact needs. By adopting the mindset of becoming better than yesterday, each new day will bring about small victories that will ultimately lead you toward reaching your goals, and surmounting even your own expectations. The Individualized Program Assessment will provide information on your goals, as well as the type of equipment you have access to and feel comfortable using. This allows your program to be individually designed for you; all the way from the warm up, to the last drop of sweat you leave on the floor. The only responsibility you have is show up with one source of motivation: Be Better Than Yesterday.

BTY Exercise Programs

"I used to have such a hard time sticking to programs because I just really felt the workouts were doing in no way what I wanted... which made it hard to stick to a routine. That is not the case with THIS program!!" -Kayla Picinich

E-mail bty.programming@gmail.com or DM @BTY_Programming_ on Instagram to receive your individualized program assessment, and start your journey to becoming #betterthanyesterday.

Program Options & PRicing

4 Weeks - $35

6 Weeks - $65

9 Weeks - $85

"Each week I felt better and stronger while performing all of the workouts. I have successfully increased all my PR's by a substantial amount during the training."
Brian Furey
"I've been so accustomed to the same movements and routine in the gym for so long that having this schedule with different movements... my attitude towards going to the gym has become so much more positive because I'm excited for each workout!"
Maria Farnan

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