Non-Fiction By: JOe Hirsch

Non- Fiction meaning

The meaning of non- Fiction, is writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people.

Why should you read non fiction?

There are plenty of reasons why we all should ready non fiction. First, you acquire new information, understand concepts and expand your vocabulary. These are a couple of many reasons why we read non fiction.

Non- Fiction text features

The main reason non-fiction text features are used is to help a reader understand Non-fiction texts better. Here are a few examples! To acquire new information, and to understand concepts and expand your vocabulary. These are just a few of many text features.

What type of texts are considered Non-fiction

Some examples of non-fiction are magazines, and newspapers. These examples are non fiction because they are all true and real information or other words they are not "fake". But, sometimes you do need to watch the sources that you read from.

What's the difference between Non-fiction and Fiction?

The difference between fiction and non-fiction is that non-fiction is informational and fiction is literature. Also, a fiction book usually has a problem, it may not always have a problem. On the other hand, non-fiction uses graphs and captions.

Never use opinions!

The final and most important thing to remember while you are writing, reading, or you have something to do with non-fiction that you never use opinions!

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