2D Design Midterm Assingment

I took this photo a few weeks ago to me it was a different perspective then just going out and taking a photo. The window reminded me of grids we would use on our assignment. Its also a beautiful view the pretty white snow and tress in the back. Also with the houses it adds some detail.

Artist - Rene Magritte

This image is by " Rene Magritte " he was a great and creative artist. In his images I felt like I saw things from how he viewed the world. This image still has me coming back looking at it. thinking on and on its really something to keep you're attention and just wonder.

Artist - Chuck Close

The artist of this image is Chuck Close Its a very creative piece. It looks like a mix of paints and scale texture its something that caught my eye very quick. A really creative way to use textures for a piece of art !
This image I did when we were learning about patterns and you wanted us to make a image with a pattern. The line pattern behind her I did and found very cool and just got a " wow " reaction. Adding something like that to a image really changed the whole view and perspective of the image.
This was a picture I made doing using pattern and texture. It was a lot of fun making and probably the best first thing to draw on photo shop with the drawing pad ! A nice house with ocean view and beautiful Galaxy view its just a really nice piece I've done.

Image by - Glitschka Studios GS Patterns

As you can see its a pattern image a very good nice and really well done one. This one reminds me of a Native design or something you could see in Alaska.


Created with images by Paxson Woelber - "Byron Peak, Alaska"

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