February 2021 Nagra newsletter

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  • Nagra HD PREAMP, Awards by Mono & Stereo magazine
  • Nagra Tube DAC, review in Enjoy the Music magazine
  • Nagra Classic PHONO, reviews by Haute Fidélité and customer comments
  • HOUSE HD TOUR / Showcase of customer High-End installations
  • New Nagra IV-S output line cable
  • Nagra arround the world. Photos of some Nagra installations.

Mono and Stereo magazine

Nagra HD PREAMP HV : didn’t just win the rare Mono and Stereo Editors Choice award. I have put my words into action and bought the review unit and made it part of my reference system.


HD PREAMP Mono & Stereo’s Product of the Year

REVIEW: Nagra Tube DAC And Classic PSU Power Supply

Enjoy the music

In my system, the sound of the Nagra Tube DAC / Classic PSU was seductive. Each recording that was converted into a musical signal would draw me into the music. Each note I heard was the best I've ever heard


"Perhaps I should blame the designers and engineers at Nagra for making such a fine piece of equipment, because it acts as a siren, tempting me to listen to one more song, one more album, one more artist, one more recording. Don't say I didn't warn you." Tom Lyle, Senior Editor
Nagra Tube DAC

New Classic PHONO received outstanding comments.

Customer comments about the new Classic Phono :

I cannot believe how good the Classic PHONO/Classic PSU combo is! It produces the best music I’ve heard by far! Jim, USA
NEW and already very sweet and getting even sweeter by the end of the second side. Very smooth, detailed, dynamic and 3D. Rickie Lee Jones' voice is amazing on Coolsville, my VTA test track. USA
The first hearing experiences honestly blow my mind ! Germany


Haute Fidélité magazine review by Bruno Castelluzzo

Haute fidélité/Référence
It's an immense pleasure to have the chance to listen to such a device, which will require being integrated into a set-up of a similar quality. It is capable of taking you off deep into musical nirvana, whether in stereo or in mono on the precious pressings of the 50s whose musical qualities it will bring to the fore as never before (try a Maria Callas in mono on the Nagra). Some current record pressings are also of remarkable quality, enough to feed your vinyl passion on your Classic PHONO for a long time to come.

HOUSE HD TOUR / Showcase of customer High-End installations

Montreal, Canada


Wilson audio Sasha DAW power by the newly updated HD AMP 2020



Antipodes K50 music server, DXD DSD

Loudspeakers and Amplifiers

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW (titanium brown), power by Nagra HD AMP 2020.

Audio racks

Modulum Audio M1-24b (walnut) for amp.

Modulum Audio M3 Multilevel platform (walnut) component and M1-24b (walnut) for amp

Signal cables

Siltech Pure OCC silver cables

Siltech Crown Princess SST RCA interconnect cable (DAC->Pre), Siltech Royal Signature King speaker cable, Siltech Princess XLR interconnect cable (amp), Siltech Royal Signature Golden Universal II USB cable (server->DAC)

Shunyata AC power cables

AC cables and filters

Shunyata Everest 8000 power distributor, Shunyata Sigma XC and NR v2 power cable, HD AMP are direct to the AC line. Shunyata elevator DF-SS and Furutech NCF.


SOtM sNH-10G network switch (CLK-EX clock and EVOX cap)

Room treatment

Vicoustic Treatment: Cinema Round Premium, Ultra Wavewood, Super Bass Extreme Ultra, Multifuser Wood, Multifuser DC2, Stone wall.

Special Thanks to our loyal customer and Nagra dealer in Montreal, Filtronique for this professional and amazing-sounding system


Home Theater

Lexicon MC-10 Surround AV Processor, Oppo UDP-203 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray disk player, XBOX Serie X console, Meridian M271 Digital Theatre Controller, JL Audio Fathom f113v2 Powered Subwoofer, Meridian DSP7000c Digital Active Loudspeaker (center channel), Meridian M6 Digital Active Loudspeaker (side and rear surround), Shunyata Alpha NR v2 power cable, JVC DLA-NX9BK projector, Stewart LH110 Greyhawk motorized screen

Get the most out of your NAGRA IV-S !

Nagra IV-S/QGB

New custom NAGRA output cable made specially for the Nagra IV-S by Transparent. Cable with impedance matching, taking advantage of the banana connectors of the Nagra IV-S to the RCA input of your preamplifier. This output offers better sonic characteristics than the one on the Tuschel output.

A prototype of that cable was successfully used during the CES 2019 and received Best Sound of Show by THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, STEREOPHILE and PartTimeAudiophile.

Contact us for more details: info@nagraaudio.com

NAGRA IV-S Manuel (page 15)https://www.nagraaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Instruction-Manual-IV-STC-English.pdf

NAGRA around the world

Stenheim Alumine THREE speakers, Nagra INT and Thales turntable

Sonus Faber Amatis, Nagra Classic Line

NAGRA HD Line system on Diesis horn speakers, Forthwise, China

Diesis horn speakers, Nagra HD Line and VPA

Wilson audio ALEXX, power by Nagra HD AMP Listening in Style, The Philippines.

YG Acoustic, Nagra Jazz and VPA

Egglestone speakers, Nagra HD DAC X, HD PREAMP, HD AMP, Kronos Pro turntable.

Wilson audio Sasha DAW, Nagra HD PREAMP, HD AMP, IV-S, Classic PHONO and Kronos Sparta.

Avalon Saga speakers, HD PREAMP, HD AMP, CDP and TUBE DAC

Melody club/ Greece, YG Acoustic speakers, Nagra HD Line, NAGRA IV-S, SME

Rockport Technology Factory

Forthwise/Hong Kong, Nagra HD Line room with HD PREAMP HV, HD AMP 2020, HD DAC X, CDC, CLASSIC PSU and Nagra T.

Wilson Benesch and Diesis audio speakers.

NAGRA Analog Workshop

You will find below a selection of units totally refurbished by NAGRA’s specialists with our world renowned precision


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