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The history of Native Americans in the United States began in ancient times tens of thousands of years ago with the settlement of the Americas by the Paleo-Indians. Anthropologists and archeologists have identified and studied a wide variety of cultures that existed during this era. Their subsequent contact with Europeans had a profound impact on their history.

After 1492 European exploration and colonization of the Americas revolutionized how the Old and New Worlds perceived themselves. One of the first major contacts, in what would be called the American Deep South, occurred when the conquistador Juan Ponce de León landed in La Florida in April 1513. He was later followed by other Spanish explorers, such as Pánfilo de Narváez in 1528 and Hernando de Soto in 1539. The subsequent European colonists in North America often rationalized their expansion of empire with the assumption that they were saving a barbaric, pagan world by spreading Christian civilization.

In the Spanish colonization of the Americas, the policy of Indian Reductions resulted in the forced conversions to Catholicism of the indigenous people in northern Nueva España. They had long-established spiritual and religious traditions and theological beliefs. What developed during the colonial years and since has been a syncretic Catholicism that absorbed and reflected indigenous beliefs; the religion changed in New Spain.

Traditions of the native American

Vision quest

Vision quest is a quest to reach adulthood. This quest is about finding a meaning in your life. You do the quest by going outside and following signs that the nature is giving you. This quest got no time limit you can search for a meaning in your life with no worries about the time.

Healing claw technique

This is a traditional healing technique used by the natives to heal body parts. First step to do this technique is to separate your fingers and try to form claws. And when you feel like there is some energy between your fingers then quickly place those claws on the body part that is hurt.

A totem meditation

Try to meditate about reaching your goals in the next year. You can bring with you any animals that helps you reach these goals. You have to ask the animal for guidance and wisdom.

Natives American mating ritual

For the native American there was no such rule as doing (adultery). Because they were spiritual people they had sex with whoever they want and whenever they wanted. They even had sex when they were farming beans if they felt horny that day. They did not care as long as their tribe would increase in numbers. Hunters would go home with a lot of food and start mating right away. Giving birth to more hunters were important for native Americans. The native Americans did not feel guilt when they committed adultery. Because for them it was all about helping the tribe.

Death ceremonies

The native Americans believed that the journey to the spirit world would be an ease for people who have lived a righteous life. But for those who have lived, and committed crimes will find suffering on the path to the spirit world. To ensure safety for everyone on their journey, they wash the dead with natural yucca suds. And dress them in traditional clothes. After that they ties prayer feathers on the deceased forehead, and then they bury them with their favorite possessions with a feathered prayer stick. Traditional foods and special herbs are placed at the side of the grave.

Culture of Native Americans

The life style of native americans ranged from nomadic, semi-nomadic to static. They lived in separate tribes across the vast continent of North America and despite this many of them shared similar beliefs and culture.

The religions and traditions of the Native American was based on the culture of Animism. Animism was a commonly shared doctrine or belief of the indigenous people. Animism is a religion based on the spiritual idea that the universe and all natural object within the universe have souls or spirits. In this religion it is believed that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, trees. The Native Americans had no science to explain nature which led to their belief that the sun, rain, and other forces were controlled by spirits.

The shaman and medicine man: The religion, traditions and beliefs of the American Indians were also dominated by the culture of shamanism in which religious leader called a Shaman or Medicine Man. They belied that Shaman or Medicine Man had special power, medicine and magic to heal the sick, control the hunt and predict the future. The rituals and beliefs displayed in ceremonies show a blending of interest by promoting their hunting and farming and survival of people with showing respect to the spirit.

The culture of festivals and ceremonies included both chanting and singing which accompanied various types of dances.


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