Pleasant Samuel Harris 1883-1966


Pleasant Samuel Harris was born to Charlotte Harris on April 1st 1883 and died on June 15th 1966. He was a mulatto male and was married to Luvinia Harris. He had five sons and one daughter. His sons were Wilbur Wilson Harris(my great grandpa), Arthur Lee Royal Harris, Alfred Shaw Harris, John N Harris and Samuel Pleasant Harris. His daughter's name was Anna Grace Harris. His father was unknown. He was an Old Immigrant and lived in Powhatan, Virginia. He was a self employed farmer and a farm laborer. He was able to speak English and read and write.

WW1 draft pt.1
WW1 draft pt. 2

He was drafted into World War 1.

WW2 draft

He was also drafted into World War 2 on September 12th, 1918 but the war ended on November 11th, 1918.

He lived on Negro Arm Road/Fine Creek Mills and lived there basically his whole life. It was where he grew up and worked at on his farm.

Mechanical Reaper
Steel Plow

Because he was a farmer, he might've used a mechanical reaper or a steel plow.

He might've been discriminated because he was not only black, but a mix of black and native american. Most still did not see us as citizens or even humans. Some still thought of us as property. He probably faced a lot of racism growing up.

Death Certificate
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