Vince Lombardi The man who can do it all.

The man with a record of 105-35-6 plus winning the first two NFL Super Bowls. Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913. Lombardi worked at a butcher shop and had to move large amounts of meat to different places. All of the movement created an athletic shape to him, which would help when he came to sports. Lombardi’s NFL career started with the giants, although he did not play the sport. He was the offensive coordinator. Later he switched to the Green Bay packers where he was head coach and led the team to 2 Super Bowl which he took victory in. He was a man who could do it all for Green Bay. The next team he switched to was the Washington Redskins where they had their first winning season in 14 years. The year after he died from colon cancer.

Green Bay Packers Lombardi trophys

Lombardi’s early years. Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913. His grandparents were immigrants from Italy. As a child his life was full of all the necessities of his that he would need including a comforting house. His life was based on the Catholic religion. He quickly learned that hard work was everything. So at a young age Lombardi helped his father in the family butcher shop. He learned how to cut up meat and carcasses and he didn't really like that job. Little did he know that all of that meat moving was helping shape him into an athletic body. Which helped because as a teenager he began to fall in love with sports. He played football with friends and was mostly in control and organized the games. Lombardi went to Cathedral high school where he played many sports such as baseball and basketball. After realizing that he was doing great in athletics, Lombardi switched to a non religious career. Which made him soon join the NFL

Lombardi holding a trophy

Lombardi’s later years. As Lombardi continued on to the NFL with the giants he was put as offensive coordinator with an also new head coach Jim Howell. The giants previously had a 3-9 season. His third season was amazing with the coach Tom Landry defeating the Chicago Bears 47-7 for the league title in 1956. As Lombardi was assistant head coach and worried he would be unable to stick a landing as head coach because of his Italian heritage. He decided not to let that stop him and made a cheesy stop at the Green Bay Packers as head coach. On 1959 new head coach Vince Lombardi was gonna make some great changes to the team. Lombardi made hard training and expected dedication and effort from his players. Lombardi finished off his first season with an impressive 7-5 record. During his second season, Lombardi led the Packers to an NFL championship game against the Eagles. Just a few yards from the goal line Lombardi lost his first and only championship. Years later Lombardi leads the Green Bay Packers to the first two Super Bowls and brought home the victory. Lombardi later switched to the Washington Redskins. The Redskins had been led to their first winning season in 14 years. Lombardi later passed on after his NFL career dying from colon cancer.

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