The element, Carbon, includes many uses in our lives that we can explot. For example, Diamonds are made from carbo under intense heat and pressure. We also breath out carbon dioxide.

The Atomic Number of Carbon is 6. This is the amount of electrons and protons it can also be a factor in determining it's atomic mass. Carbon is slightly reactive and is a gas. It belongs in the 14th group and 2nd period, Meaning that it has 4 valance electrons and 2 energy levels. It is in the noble gas family.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) includes carbon. It is formed when as a pollutant from natural resources and also when combustion of carbon is incomplete, i.e. there is a limited supply of air, only half as much oxygen adds to the carbon, and instead you form carbon monoxide (CO).

It is also worth mentioning that when carbon Dioxide is too prevalent, such as when you breath out and in while in a confined space, Then the oxygen stop becoming available, making a normal animal suffocate and pass out, eventually dieing ._.

So ay, when you think about Carbon, do not think of it as useless, think of it as an amazing chemical that creates Diamonds forever and as a carbon dioxide a day keeps the oxygen away.

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