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Using Heavy M on my Wall

The Programme Heavy M is a programme which allows users to create projections to project onto various services. This screen mapping software allows users of any skill and level of ability to create unique projections and explore various stylistic projections.

The Heavy M programme allows you to create shape projections

The technology is extremely useful as it allows varying level users to be introduced to screen mapping and develop their personal skills. When using the programme I found it simple to navigate and choose various options for my projection.

One real world application would be projecting various projections upon buildings at grand openings or celebrations. These projections can be used at art galleries to display art in a unique way and promotes special events. It could also be used in museums to present information and data in a fun and engaging manner.

optima projection mapper

Explain the technology/tool Optima Projection Mapper is a programme that allows you to project images and 2D objects onto various surfaces which can create 3D displays. The app is extremely useful as it allows users of any ability to project onto surfaces whether they have a mass amount of experience with the technology or none at all.

I personally found the app extremely easy to use, I simply set up the projector and projected it onto the shape I wanted to project on and adjusted the shapes on the programme to fit onto the object. There are a wide variety of tools in the programme that allows the user to shape the projection with relative ease and then create fun and engaging projections.

This programme can be used easily in daily life for special occasions, an example would be a party as it would be cheaper than buying in a variety of decorations, it can also be easily changed so would suit any style of party. It could also be used in plays and productions, It would save a mass amount of money when set is concerned as you could design the set digitally and project it onto blank canvas's. This is also more environmentally beneficial as it would save on paint and paper for if you wanted to change the set you could add it onto the digital programme.

Virtual Environments

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a computer-generated image that is projected onto the users view of the real world. Augmented Reality is combined with live video of the users environment in order to feel as immersive as possible. Thus taking note of the environment and applying new data to it. To use augmented reality the user will have to download an application or Plug-in that allows them to apply AR.

Augmented reality is fairly easy to use through modern apps which can usually be downloaded for free. Many people of any age can use the programmes as there will be a variety of simple tutorials to instruct the individual.

We can see real world applications of this through simple advertising on televised football matches and Rugby matches where they will images and data to an existing picture such as logos that sponsor the team or where they explain lines or rules.


Aurasma is a programme that allows users the project virtual reality into real life. Its a free app that can be used on Android mobiles and IOS devices. The app uses the camera in the phone and overlays media images on top of them which can vary from animations to 3d Models.

The app is relatively easy to use and can be used by anyone of any skill. The app can be used in over 100 countries and is available for free. You start by selecting a target or point of reference to focus on and then you can select from a gallery of animations and 3d models what you wish to project.

One real life application of the product would can used to make advertisements more interactive with phones. For example the phone could scan a code and reveal an animation. it would also create unique video's through applying these animations in real life settings. We can see popular examples of this on products such as Pokemon Go.

Virtual Reality

Using a headset to experience virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a virtually created world that attempts to merge with the real world. Virtual reality is usually used with a headset which you wear to experience the universe. This allows you to become more immersive and feel as though this is your surrounding environment is this one. The device uses a camera detection device which makes the image slightly off the centre, this gives the image a 3d impression.

The product is easy to use and is highly popular with the younger generation. The product is mainly used for gaming and is promoted by a variety of you tubers such as Pewdiepie who regularly uses the product. Real life application of this product is that it can be used for gaming and leisure purposes as a form of escapism from the real world. It can also be used for education and could simulate real life situations.



Arduino is an open sourced project which designed and produced Micro-controller based kits that allow people to build digital products which can control physical devices. The project is highly popular due to its simplicity of not requiring a separate piece of hardware to learn code so those who are new to circuit building should be able to find it relatively simple.

Arduino used to display a message

The Arduino is a really useful and practical tool kit which allows people with any level of skill to use it. It is also not too expensive so is available to many to try for themselves and creat something unique with many features such as thermostats and motion detectors. The kits are well organized and come with a handbook which instructs the user on how to use the product and give them tips.

The guide shows how to create various devices

Arduino allows users to create a variety of different products. One would be a portraiture machine which can download pictures of a person and then draw it out on paper. It can also be built so that it was the motor control for 3d printing.

Little Bits

LittleBits are a project that created individual modular electronics that attach together via magnets to form working circuits. With it being an open source library of modular electronics it is open to the public to purchase it and create their own technology.

LittleBits is a fun and engaging project that allows individuals of any age to become involved with circuits and create their own devices. Littlebits has been used in schools and is a good way to teach technology to children and also allow those who have little knowledge of circuits.

LittleBits is multipurpose and can be used to create a variety of useful devices, such as a smart fridge where it will send a message to an individual if they have left the fridge door open by detecting the temperature. It also appeals to those who are new to technology such as small children allowing them to create small moving robots.

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