Esther Kasara Ceasar class of 2018 - "Light of the nation"

My Background:

  • I am 19 years old
  • I enrolled at The Leadership Academy of South Sudan in February 2017
  • I am from Pageri Village in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan
  • I am a member of the Madi tribe
  • Sadly, I haven't seen my father in 7 years

My Story

LASS is a refuge for me, my family's journey to escape the violence in South Sudan was difficult and left me scarred. I am still hesitant to walk in the dark, but the safety at the LASS campus is calming. The sense of belonging and love that I receive in my care group at LASS makes my life joyful and daily helps ease my fears. I believe that if I was not at LASS, I would be doing domestic chores and subsistence farming. But LASS has given me hope. My vision is to become a member of Parliament in South Sudan which would give me a platform to unite people and ensure maintenance of peace. I am proud of being South Sudanese. I would love for my family to return to South Sudan, from the Masjid refugee settlement in Adjumani, Uganda, where they now live. I want to be a servant leader and a peacemaker who can help resettle the scattered population back to South Sudan.

LASS is giving me the education and opportunity to pursue these goals. Getting a great education is very important to me. I really enjoy my core subjects which are: history, economics, geography and math. It is my hope that I will be able to continue my education at a university. LASS is providing me an excellent education and I also appreciate the free time we get to socialize. I love playing futball (soccer) with my fellow students. In my free time, I like reading (my favorite novel is The River Between), listening to news, and teaching children.

My Vision For The Future

  • I want to visit Switzerland to understand how the government has maintained peace and unity
  • I will continue to invest in my studies with the hope to provide help to others
  • I hope to live in a place where we are not defined by labels (race, tribe etc.)
  • I see myself in the role of peacemaker to unite people to care for one another as we are all created by one God
  • I want to continue to build my confidence in public speaking as that is a key gift in being a future leader
"The teachers at LASS are living examples of what they teach. We are learning that to be a servant leader one must be God-fearing, humble, treat all people equally and be flexible. The leadership class has given me confidence in public speaking, which I need if I am to be a future leader. South Sudan needs servant leaders who place God first in their life." - Esther, July 2017

"I admire Job from the Bible: he went through painful situations, but never disobeyed God." - Esther, July 2017

"I appreciate the support I am receiving to come to LASS and I humbly ask that I continue to receive financial support through graduation from a university. My prayers are for my family members in the refugee settlement and for academic excellence." - Esther, July 2017

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