Rexburg, Idaho; the second capital of the BYU schools, has been know for its big Mormon population.
Mormons are known to follow a law they believe to be a Word of Wisdom, which teaches them to live a healthier, longer and better lives than the average American.
Although, when taking a look at the so called "Mormon town" in Rexburg the variety of the food they consume is contradictory to their beliefs.
Endless lines at the fast food restaurants are visible from distance.
Appetizers, which are suppose to be quick snacks to have while waiting at these places, are equivalent to the recommended calories to have in a whole day.
The sugar amount of the desserts that these places serve exceed what's advice.
Red and yellow are the favorite colors of this city, which fast food restaurants use for being know to trigger hunger faster.
"Liquid sugar" or "watered down syrup" is served too.
According to the blogger Jane Birch, "Mormons are succumbing to the same chronic illnesses that plague the general population, and obesity among Mormons is a huge problem. Some have even concluded that Mormons are fatter-day saints."
These fast food restaurants favorite to the public for being always open, are growing in numbers with more 300,000 establishments only in the U.S
When Mormons students gather together to hang out, it is usually meat-and-treat heavy.
The excessive stress lifestyle full of classes, homework, activities, job and the demand of time has turn a small town into a what it's seen in the big cities, where no one has time to prepare healthy meals.
In a place where obeying the commandments is essential to be BYU-I student, Mormons in general, don't really know their blindness when they say "I obey the Word of Wisdom".
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Ericka G. Lage

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