Computer Applications By: Mariel macaskill

I was interested in taking this class because I needed a technology credit. After reviewing all my options, Computer Applications seemed to be the more useful computer class the school offers. I realized if I took this class, I would learn useful information which could potentially reappear in the future.

Some things we have learned this year...

So far, the most important thing I have learned in this class is how to use Microsoft Office in greater depth. I knew the basics of Microsoft Office prior to taking this class although now I feel as if I know most of the tools Microsoft offers. This is important because now I can use this tool for other classes or activities.

Top Projects from this year:

Digital Citizenship Project: Our task was to create a poster on the elements of digital citizenship. My poster lists the 8 basic characteristics of digital citizenship and explains the general concept of digital citizenship. I liked this project because I created the poster using a Microsoft template. Before this class, I didn't know how to use these templates and I think it is cool I was able to create a poster using a skill I learned from this class.

Google Draw: Our task was to make ourselves into a cartoon using google draw. I liked this assignment because I didn't know google draw existed. So, this class allowed me to gain knowledge about this google extension.

Resume: This project consisted of making a resume. I enjoyed this project because it is something I will actually need to know how to do in the future. In class, I made two resumes to get a better idea on how to make them. After creating resumes in class, I feel as if I could make another one which I could turn it for a job application.

First page of my resume
First page of my resume

I would recommenced this class to a friend because you learn useful information which can be used in the future. The class doesn't have a huge work load so it is easy to manage with my other classes. I enjoyed this course because I gained typing skills as well as information on Microsoft Office and Google Extensions. Without taking this course it is likely I would not have learned all the tools these devices offer.


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