UIC eat nachos

Our mission statement in the UIC is that without the UIC there will be no nacho parties ever. We exist for the greater good of the Nacho treaty that ended the nacho against Mankind war. Our goals are to get everyone educated and get every one nachos.

10 rules to live by in the UIC:

1: No killing

2: Clean up your trash

3: Sleep at least 12 hours every week

4: Everyone is free

5: No stealing

6: Nacho parties

7: Have to have school but only 12 hrs a week

8: Every Saturday is a party that you have to go to

9: Every day you need to eat food

10: If you have money then use it

The location is in the Caribbean ocean.

Daily schedule:

8:00-or later; wake up

9:00 or when ever you wake up-noon; go to work

Noon-6:30 ; freetime

6:30-10:00; go back to work

10:00 sleep time

Come live in the U.I.C because we have nacho parties every Saturday

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