Cobalt by: Rufus

Cobalt in it's pure form

What Is Cobalt

  • Cobalt is a blue metal
  • Melting point is 1495 Celcius
  • Boiling point is 2927 Celcius
  • It is a solid
  • It's hardness is 5


  • Georg Brant found it
  • Found in Stockholm Sweeden
  • Kobold comes from German
  • Cobalos is a Greek word
  • It was found in 1739
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Industrial and Medical Uses

  • Cobalt-60 helps in Cancer
  • Cobalt make alloys like stainless steal
  • Cobalt is in Vitamin B12
  • Helps make gas turbines
  • Cobalt is in plane engines
Even More Cobalt

Fun Facts

  • Cobalt is a rusty colored rock
  • When pure cobalt is blue
  • Kobold means goblin in German
  • Cobalos means mines in Greek
  • Cobalt-60 is a radioactive isotope


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