Top 5 Picnic Spots on the Parkway By: Ryan Davis

It’s that time of year again when the outside world is starting to get bearable, even somewhat enjoyable. Living in Boone, North Carolina, gives everyone so many opportunities to enjoy this wonderful weather, but one of my favorite things to do is go out on The Blue Ridge Parkway and have a picnic. I’ve been going out on the parkway regularly since my first week living in Boone, so I have explored almost every area within an hour. Many of my friends know this and they are always asking, “What is a great spot for a picnic, hike, or both?” So I decided I would do a top 5 list of the best places to picnic on the parkway.

5. Hebron

Shot By: Ryan Davis

Number five on my list is a little farther out from Boone, this spot being located right before you get to Price Lake if you are coming from the Boone area. Hebron is a perfect picnic spot because they have a ton of space! There are so many different options, such as laying out a blanket or sitting at one of the picnic tables. A beautiful stream is also located at this spot, which runs right through the middle of the park, making this spot even more perfect.

4. Raven's Rock

Shot By: Ryan Davis

The fourth best spot on my list is Raven's Rock because it is my favorite spot to picnic and watch the sunset. Raven's Rock does not have the best areas to sit because of how small this overlook is. Usually the best spot is on one of the big rocks where you can sit and watch the sun go down as you are enjoying your picnic dinner. This overlook is located a tad past Thunder Hill, if you are coming from the Boone/Blowing Rock access.

3. Price Lake

Shot By: Ryan Davis

Number three on my list is one of the farther options from Boone, but is still only about twenty minutes from campus. This is an awesome picnic spot because of the beautiful lake, Price Lake. It can’t get much better than sitting outside on a blanket, enjoying a picnic right next to a lake. There is even a small dock to sit on to make the picnic even better. To get to this location, take a left at either the Boone or Blowing Rock access and drive until you see the lake. You can't miss it!

2. Moses Cone

Shot By: Ryan Davis

The second best spot to picnic on the parkway has to Moses Cone because of all the different options to picnic at! My personal favorites are: right in front of the Moses Cone craft center; somewhere in the grass along the gravel trail; or at the top of the gravel trail where a huge fire tower is located. (Yes, it can be climbed!) To get to this location take a left from the Boone access or a right from the Blowing Rock access.

1. Thunder Hill

Shot By: Ryan Davis and Abby Carlton

The best picnic spot on the parkway is Thunder Hill, hands down! When many people think of Thunder Hill, they only think of the overlook. However, the best place to picnic is right across the road and over the fence, where you will find a perfect grassy area at the top of a beautiful valley. This is my favorite spot because it is peaceful, quiet, and somewhat secluded from everything else. It is also the closest spot to picnic on the parkway from Boone, making it easy to have a quick picnic right before the sun goes down. To get to this spot, simply take a right from either the Boone or Blowing Rock access and park at the overlook.

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