Carbon Sequestration -KW-

Carbon sequestration is the capture and storage of carbon dioxide, keeping the carbon out of the atmosphere.

Since the rise of industrialization the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as risen significantly. Every twenty years the concentration of CO2 rises around 20 parts per million, you can see this on the graph pictured above.

The rise of CO2 in the atmosphere is leading to higher temperatures around the globe. The melting of the polar caps is one of the major consequences. It destruction of the environment causes stability issues throughout the ecosystem.

The mainstream carbon sequestration method is capturing the CO2 emissions, then moving the carbon into sedimentary rocks which traps the gas and keeps it our of the atmosphere.

The capture and reduction of CO2 should be a major priority and the grand challenge that should be focused on because it is the backbone of the Earth's ecosystem. The preservation of the environment is key for the future.

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