Sunday Supplement 46 - Choices the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

The choices one makes in one’s life create the reality in which one finds oneself. It is very complicated when one has made a seemingly innocent choice that somehow has become monstrous. One may choose to disregard the choice that one has made and replenish that which has been lost.

These things are a part of growth, of understanding and of the intellectual comprehension of life, for others have motive and different aspirations and drive that will not be the same as one’s own wishes and aspirations are.

It is so important to consider where one has perhaps not made a choice that is conducive to a peaceful and harmonious way of being. It is not a singling out; it is an occurrence, a thing that happens to many people; a particular existence and a way of being resulting from choices that one has made. And it may be that one cannot remember why or when the choices were made but one simply carries on because that was the choice that was made.

It takes a wise person to end that; to say that was the choice I made then but I do not wish this choice to remain for I have learnt and I have become wise.

Creating inner harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a story teller, performer, musician and trance channel medium who works with the Skylark Collective to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, voicework, workshops, teaching and one-to-one channelled life-guidance consultations.

Sounds Well Session May 7th islip Village Hall, Northants from 2pm-4pm. £15.00. Contact me for details.

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