Trench Warfare Survival Guide By Jake Nguyen


The Entrenching Tool was crucial for survival when living in the trenches. This was important because you could use the Entrenching Tool as a weapon and it was helpful if you had to build more trenches. The Entrenching Tool was a great weapon because with its light weight it was easy to carry around. And even though it did have a light weight, you could swing it strong and still give a great deal of damage. Then with the tools shape it was the easiest way to build trenches at the time ("Research").


This helmet was very important because if you stuck your head out of the trench, you would most likely get shot. This protected your head just in case if you did stick your head outside of the trench. Yes you would still take damage if you got shot but this would prevent death or serious damage to the head. This helmet was mostly used by the Americans and by the French. And it was also first used in battle in April 1916 ("Research").


Mortar Bombs were a great way to take out the enemy when they were hiding behind their trenches. These bomb could be carrier over and dropped by planes or they could be shot out of cannons and into the enemy trench. There are three different types of Mortar Bombs. One is the High Explosive Mortar that exploded on impact. Another one was the White phosphorus which was used to blind the enemy with smoke to hind troop rushes or other attacks. And the last type of Mortar Bombs are Illumination rounds. These were shot into the air to light up the battle field during night time ("Research").

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