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Personal Branding- Video reflection.

What a fun way to start the Adobe course.

REFLECTION: Personal Branding is such a huge part of who we are as teachers. We are on show all the time, whether it is in the classroom or down the street or shopping at our local store.

Whilst preparing for my video I was originally in my pj's, hair up all ready for an early night when it occurred to me that was not the brand I wanted to portray. So with this in mind, I brushed my hair, changed my cloths and put on a bit of lipstick.

Our personal brand is always on show and we must decide for ourselves what we want to show.

Assignment 1


Original image
Final Headshot

ASSIGNMENT: Take a photograph and edit using Photoshop. Including resizing the image to 400x400px and to post before and after images to Behance.

REFLECTION: For this assignment I first set out to take an appropriate photo of my 8yr old. She loves to be outside in the garden so I thought that would be a great place to start. I am relatively new to Photoshop having only used it a handful of times in the past and learning more and more each time. After capturing the photo on my iPad I opened it up in Photoshop Fix, whilst here I defocused the backgrounds using various opacity, spot healed a number of marks on my fence and fixed red eye. I then transferred the image to Photoshop on my desktop to adjust the light and colour particularly focusing on the figure and the face. Finally I adjusted the size of the image cropping at the same time.

I find when using any of the Photoshop products it is really important to have a game plan/ an end result of where about you want your image to be so that you are aware of what you are working towards. I t is also important to take your time and have fun!

Assignment 2

Kickass CV

ASSIGNMENT: This week is about planning and creating a that will stand out from the crowd and show potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer. Incorporate your headshot and upload the finished CV Behance

REFLECTION: I enjoyed creating my CV within InDesign. I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate the software and when I couldn’t find what I was after Google was very helpful. The video instruction and live class recording were also very helpful.

For the purpose of this assignment I have blocked out/ changed personal details as I don’t feel they were necessary to display on social media. I have for the same reason left my references off my CV.

As a primary school teacher I feel InDesign could be fun within a Stage 3 classroom. Students would be able to use the software to create posters, postcards, booklets..the list is endless. They could use it as a reflection tool as well as during presentations.

In the past I have felt that I could do just as much using word but this time round I feel I gave it a better shot, I took my time, and had a defined ending. I can also see myself using the software to create digital literacies within the classroom as well as presentations and student handouts.

Assignment 3


Profile Picture

ASSIGNMENT: Create your own personal brand logo and mock up headers for Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Use Adobe Illustrator

REFLECTION: Deciding on what I would like my logo to look like was the first big hurdle in this assignment. I started by first researching images that matched what I wanted to portray and then took to paper and pencil to sketch out what I was thinking. The phrase "Teaching with Emma" was chosen to match up with my work-in-progress web page with the same name.

I am VERY new to Illustrator and found this quite challenging. I'm sure there are a number of keyboard short cuts that I could have used to make this assignment easier. I also found choosing the right font really hard. I have tried a number of different ones but received a number of different comments form it looks unprofessional to it looks like you're not really dedicated. I will be continuing to experiment with the typography.

Would I use this in the classroom? I'm not sure. I like the idea or creating images using Illustrator however I am a Primary school teaching and I mostly works K-4. I feel this may be too advanced.

Assignment 4

Online Portfolio

ASSIGNMENT: Create an ePortfolio using real or imagined content. Explore your options and include your decision making process in your review. Use Spark page, Behance, My Portfolio or any other platform you feel is appropriate for the task.

REFLECTION: There are some amazing Portfolios out there and I had an awesome time looking an the beautiful things people have created. I explored a few different was to display my content however as I am currently using a trial version of Adobe I was not able to publish my portfolio using Adobe Portfolio however I was impressed with the range of options within the application.

Here is a link to my Behance account

I have included the would completed within the Digital Me course as well as a few other small projects I have undertaken with my Children.

Adobe Portfolio was very easy to use and would be a great way for students to display their work.

I also feel that Adobe Spark would be another great option for students with ability to include videos allowing for students to document their process and include the video with their work.

Assignment 4

Digital Feedback

ASSIGNMENT: The final stage of the course you will be creating an Adobe Spark Video offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio and a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined).

REFLECTION: I found this task quite tricky. Using Spark to create a video was easy. Choosing a project to provide feedback to was the hard part. I also found that creating criteria for an already existing project was even harder. It went against everything I do as a teacher. We provide students with what we want them to create, not taking something created and making it fit what we need.

I have also never assessed a portfolio or set a portfolio for me students so this was very new for me.

I loved how within Spark video we were able to insert images, text and voice overs to create the feedback. Creating the feedback this way allows verbal feedback to be given to the students at one point and allows them to refer back to the feedback as needed as many times as they may need to.

Spark can be used in so many ways within the Primary school classroom feedback is just another way to add to the growing list.

Final Reflection

I have had a lot of fun with this course. Discovering what i would like my own personal branding to be has be and how to present it has been quite enjoyable. I cant wait to continue to explore it.

I love learning new things and taking on the role of the student allows me to sympathise with my students as i am able to relate to what/ how they are feeling. Unfortunately there is not much call for creating profiles or online branding within Primary Schools at the moment however as times progress I can see a greater call for it in upper primary.

I loved using illustrator and will continue to use it within my teaching when creating templates, posters, worksheets and more.

Bring on the next Adobe course!

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