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Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling

  • Living in the story
  • Lessons learned
  • Creative tension
  • Economizing
  • Showing not telling
  • Craftmanship

Adobe Spark is a transformative tool that will allow users to create beautiful media projects that demonstrate their understanding of any subject on a Chromebook, iPad or computer. In this session, we will explore how to use Adobe Spark Post (graphic design), Page (webpage design), and Video.

What does Adobe Spark Look Like?

Examples of Spark Post, Page, and Video

Spark Post Projects

Adobe Spark Book Covers
Adobe Spark Spanish Collage

Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page Samples from Teachers

Tell Your Story With Spark Post

Share your experience so far at ISTE! Where are you from? Which day did you arrive? Where have you eaten? Where have you visited? Anything more you would like to share.

Share Your Story With Spark Video

Tell a story about an experience you've had! Choose a story guide to help you put your stry together.

Tell Your Story With Spark Page

Tell your story about summer vacation! Use your own post in the page. Add your Spark video well to.

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