The Effect of Chromotherapy on PTSD Farheen Naqvi

5.2 million Americans experience PTSD each year
An estimated 7.8% of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives
Effects of PTSD include isolation, insomnia, anxiety, and loss of interest in daily life. It leads to a suicide rate of 38.3% among veterans.

Rees et al. (2011) -transcendental meditation

Hoffman, Gossmen, and Hinton (2011) -general meditation

Dickens et al. (2014) -yoga

  • SAD -plasma melatonin
  • Brainard et al., 1990; Oren et al., 1991; Stewart et al., 1991 -colored lights
  • Azeemi and Raza (2005) -electromagnetic radiation from wavelengths
  • Volpato (2001) -blue light + tilapia
  • "Babies cry more in yellow rooms" -Wagner Institute for Color Research


The Experiment
  • 50 subjects, male and female, 18-65, diagnosed with PTSD
  • Split into 5 groups: red, yellow, green, blue, white*
  • Sit in colored room for 25 minutes
  • Weekly trials, rotations between rooms
  • Self report survey data on symptoms before and after

Expected results

  • Increased feelings of anger/fear after red
  • Increased irritability/isolation after yellow
  • Increased calmness/sadness after blue
  • Increased happiness after green

*as compared to white

  • Could all be placebo effect
  • Measure neurotransmitter/hormone levels before and after

Could make PTSD easier to combat


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