“you think it's expensive to hire professional, wait until you hire an amateur” - Red Adair (Oil Fire Fighter) Analytical, business leader, accurate, detailed, objective

Introducing Joop

Professionally I started in the '80s. Due to my analytical tenacity and moreover my eye for details I easily gained my university degree in Electrical Technical Management. You can call me a rational introverted personality, one that performs and provides consistent work. With an insatiable thirst for new knowledge, I started my career as an electrician in the oil and gas industry. I achieved a variety of degrees focused on for example; high voltage, low voltage, instrumentation and safety. It was that focus, that resulted in managing offshore and onshore projects for organisations such as; Heerema, Allseas, Keppel Verolme, Placid Oil, Koninklijke Schelde Group, Damen, WindMW and Jan de Nul.

"The successful development of the project, the" Holland-Class "is a series of four Ocean Going Patrol Vessels for the Royal Navy, is due to the knowledge and commitment of Mr. Waeijen." - Ministry of Defense, Mr. Ir. R. Zuiddam.
"I am very grateful for his contributions to our company, for example, he has managed to regain control over a number of projects and finalise them positively. I am therefore confident that Joop's intelligence, work ethic and communication skills managed to add value where ever he shall work. "- Alewijnse, Mr. M. Worthing.

I've been self employed for some time now, my services extend but not limited to assisting companies with equal guiding, complicated new and / or ongoing projects, with the objectives; project success, increasing efficiency and profit increase.

"Give it a name"

  • interim project manager
  • electrical supervisor
  • project construction manager
  • interim technical director
  • site manager
  • commissioning manager

What are your wishes? What challenges do you encounter? Good to know is that I accept hardy challenges offshore and onshore. Examples are my real estate development projects. Where lucrative investment opportunities are created for the successful entrepreneur.

Mr Waeijen is a very experienced professional with excellent communication skills. We were very pleased with the work he performed for us and we wish him well in his future endeavours. -Jens Assheuer, Managing Director WindMW
Mr Joop Waeijen was employed by WindMW as the onsite construction manager for the off­shore substation for our Meerwind wind park trom November 2012 to April 2014. - Jens Assheuer, Managing Director WindMW

Added values

Smart organisations search for commercial advantage in each project. During the larger projects its imperative to deal effectively and efficiently with unexpected challenges which cost time and money. In addition, from a human resource point of view, one needs to keep your project team working at a high level, for an extended period of time. Herein lies a large part of my added value. Distilled from four decades of knowledge and experience, I am familiar with big projects to elevated those to usually great successes.

Also searching for increasing efficiency and improving results? Give us a call.

Its about the client, right?

It is all about the client's needs, the objectives of the company and in addition your customers' perspective. Only accomplished by careful listening, ask enough sufficient questions. My motto; don't work based on assumptions.

"Mr. Waeijen is a driven personality that has functioned excellently under extreme time pressure in all the tasks Schelde has entrusted to him, in addition, mr. Waeijen received great appreciation from our customers, the Royal Dutch Navy. I recommend him heartily with other employers or clients. "- Royal Naval Shipbuilding, Mr. B.H. Angel
"Through his commitment and broad practical knowledge he had many people in tow. This he showed both in work meetings and at the workplace. It is thanks to him that the project planning was achieved in time. "- N.V. Electricity Production Company South Netherlands EPZ Mr. C. Loos Manager Energy Management)
Joop Waeijen - Interim project manager, electrical supervisor, project construction manager, interim technical director, site manager, commissioning supervisor - offshore, onshore, civil, electrical, installation, infra.

Recognise these situations and questions?

  • We suffer from indecision within the project. How do we solve this issue?
  • How do we get more sharpness, courage and decisiveness in our (project) team?
  • We feel like we're losing opportunities. How do we break through that?
  • We're trade experts, but also want commercial results. How can we find an appropriate way to complete the project successfully?
  • How do we ensure that the project not only yield short-term results, and keep the long term results?

By scheduling a free consultation, we will discuss your case studies. My normal practice shall include to take on your theoretical challenge and attack it with practical solutions that deliver results, improvement and efficiency improvement related to the project.

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Joop Waeijen


Mr. J. Waeijen (Joop) Axelsestraat 21 4537AB Terneuzen The Netherlands +31 6 20 53 84 65 Joopwaeijen@gmail.com www.theenergymanagers.com

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