Jamaica By: Maddie musgraves


Jamaica is in the northern and western hemispheres and is located on North America

Since Jamaica is an island, it has no bordering countries.
The capital city of Jamaica is Kingston, located at (18°N, 76°W).

Physical Characteristics

Jamaica is in the Tropical Zone between 0° and 23 1/2° latitude.

The tropical zone has weather that is hot all year long and the seasons are usually based on rainfall. Countries that are in the tropical zone have a wet season and a dry season.

On the left are the Blue Mountains, the highest elevated place in the east. They rise 7,402 feet and at Blue Mountain Peak is the islands highest point. In the Middle is Cockpit Country. To the west of the mountains is the rugged terrain of the Cockpit Country. It is a harsh, dramatic landscape filled with endless hills. On the right is the Rio Minho. The Rio Minho is the longest river in Jamaica at 92.8 kilometers (57.7 mi). It rises close to the island's geographic center, flows generally south-southwest and reaches the Caribbean Sea at Carlisle Bay in the central south coast.


Jamaica is a small country with a population of 2.78 million people. They are ranked number 140 in total population.

Jamaica is a very crowded country compared to its size. It has 665 people per square mile, and there is only 4,244 square miles. It is ranked number 140 in the world.
The 5 largest cities of Jamaica are Kingston, Spanish Town, Portmore, Montego Bay, and Manchester.

Jamaica is more urban with 45% of their population rural and 55% urban.

More people are leaving Jamaica because they want to pursue better educational and job opportunities.


Jamaica is a developing country because the GDP per capita is $9,000. It needs to be at least $37,000 to be a developed country. GDP per capita is the total output of a country divided by the number of people in a country. Their life expectancy is 73 years. Life expectancy is how long someone is supposed to live. It needs to be at least 78 years. Jamaica's literacy rate is 87%. Literacy rate is how well someone can read and write. It needs to be at least 99% to be developed.

The main language of Jamaica is English.

The main religion of Jamaica is Christianity.

The Bob Marley museum is a famous landmark in Jamaica situated on the site of the legendary musician’s home, which he purchased in 1975. This house, featuring 19th-century architecture, was Bob Marley’s home until his death in 1981. It was converted into a museum six years later by his wife, Mrs Rita Marley. The main museum displays Bob Marley’s personal treasures.

Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica's national food dish. Ackee is a pear-shaped fruit that is found in warm climates. As the ackee fruit ripens, it turns from green to bright red to yellow-orange, and splits open to reveal three large, black seeds, each partly surrounded by white to yellow flesh.

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