Beavers Newsletter December


We really hope you enjoyed the jungle animal show! It is always nice to see everyone back especially in such an amazing presentation. Our Beavers practiced very hard to give you the best they could and it showed! If you were able to take pictures and videos, we encourage you to please pass them along so we can all have the most of it.


These past two weeks were weeks of rehearsal and also new knowledge, we focused this month on “Caring” and our caring calendar with a daily kind acts. We know up to 14 and new letters.

Social emotional: Hug day! Part of our Kind Calendar
Language: We know a new letter set: L,J,C, and U. You can help us practice at home and show them that they can also be found around us. We played BINGO using environmental print using as example famous logos like LEGO, Barbie, etc.
Math: We are starting to count up to 20! We recognize number 14 and count with correspondence. in this picture, our Beavers are counting and using their fine motor skills at the same time.
Social Studies: “It is a small world, after all.” This week our Beavers learned about traditions, school in different places all over the world, and how we can be different and how we can respect and care for everyone. We were also able to research more about houses in China, their clothing, and their culture overall.
As part of the Holiday theme, we were able to attend the "Holidays around the World" that was presented by the lower school third graders: Darwin and Davinci. Our beavers were able to learn more about the holidays that are celebrated around the world such as: Hanukkah, las posadas, chinesse new year, ramadan and kwanzaa. It is important to talk about diversity in many aspects (celebrations, traditions, culture, etc.); discussing about it helps them understand the world around us and how differences make us one.

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