Roy's final portfolio

In that class,I learned that how to draw the shoes.First,we need to take our shoes out. I thought that's funny to do that,because on that time,we even don't know each other 'name.But after that,our relationship were better than before.In this assignment,the most important and difficult things were drawing the shapes and lines .When I draw this at first time,I try a lot of time to draw.

In that class,I leaned how to control the value of the picture.We must draw four pictures and make them color light to dark,we must use paper to make the color is balanced.After we finished the drawing,we need to cut them down and put them on the black paper,and we also can make a nice shap with the four pictures.

When we draw this part,at the first time,I feel that's amazing and impossible.Because I never thought we can draw it with the "Up Side Down ".But now,I can do it better than normal way,the most important thing is to make a shape in your mind. I like to try to do this.

In this class,I learned how to draw the zentangle. The first thing we need to do is drawing the shape what you want .Then we need to create a lot of texture inside of the shape. The most difficult thing of zentangle is to have patience to create it. I think this is difficult for me.

In this class,I learned how to create Monochrome Selfie Painting.First,we need to use The GIMP to make our selfie colorful.And then we need to draw the shape of selfies on the spatial paper,finally,we need use painting to make that colorful,but in this situation,we only can use one color,we only can change it light.Perpur is my favorite color.

In this part,we already can use the paintings.We must do this by a group.That means we must have a plan before we do this. I think we do the best for the class.

This one ,I do this with Strack .We use a lot time to think what can we do.Then we begun to make these two babys.Sometimes we need another group's help.

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