With all intention... ICM Photographs intentional camera movement

During the Fall season in the last three years, I have explored ICM photography. ICM, short for the ‘Intentional Camera Movement,’ is producing in-camera movement while taking photos. The streaking lines produced or it’s painterly' feeling of an ICM image is abstract in nature and can be very artsy.

ICM has several shooting modes. Movement is introduced while the shutter is open. Moving the camera a touch down or up, rolling the lens inward or outward, and sliding the camera left to right, are all part of ICM techniques.

When the right subject is chosen, the results can turn a mundane and lifeless scene into an expressionism piece. I have not explored the depth of ICM photography or looking into applying the techniques on different images or scenes or even still objects.

These are Aspen trees a stone throw away from my workplace. The Fall colors aid that touch, just a notch more when one plans to choose the combination of existing foreground colors and overall subject scene.

Coming at you!

Shouting Gold!
Painting with a click of the shutter
Fiery frames
Walking in the textural woods
Barren pines and touch of a green backdrop

Movements. All in good light.

f/20 - one fourth of a second - ISO 64 - 70mm
f/20 - one twentieth of a second - ISO 64 - 70mm


Golden canopy
This Aspen colony is at its height of glory.

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Created By
Raj Manickam


Photos: ©️ 2020 Raj Manickam