Smokeless Tobacco Created by: Joseph Chatterton and MUHAMMAD Raza

Echo is a 24-year old young man that goes to The Ohio State University and studies in the medical field for clinical and transnational science. He lives in a dorm room on the campus with three other students in Morrill Tower. He works at the Archives Library a couple of streets from the University. Echo is addicted to chewing tobacco. This is the first and the last drug he will ever use. He chews it everyday when he works in the library claiming that it is just chewing gum. He spends $21.50 on a canister of 6 every semester. He chews it 5 times a week. One of his roommates offered it to him in his dorm room telling him it was gum and after one chew he was hooked, he has chewed it since his freshman year, during work, at school with his friends, and at parties. He has terrible breath and yellow teeth due to the drug but that is just the beginning of Echo’s worries and troubles. His heart rate begins to rapidly increase as well as his blood pressure due to the tobacco. And one day right before exams he is rushed to the hospital as he has a stroke at only the age of 24. He slowly begins to recover,but it is only temporary. Doctors discover a tumor in his lower lip he has oral cancer. The doctors tell him he has five years to live. He pursues his education to completion within the next 4 and ¾ years.But it is not easy for him with his extensive brain damage due to the chewing tobacco causing drastic mood changes as well as anxiety and panic attacks. He begins to have suicidal thoughts and fights with all his friends becoming very lonely. He loses his job when his boss at the library discovers that he chewed tobacco in the library, the manager threatens to press legal charges but drops them when he found out that Echo had less than two years to live. He calls up his parents to tell them his son is returning home. Echo’s parents excited and all over the moon decorate their house. As he left campus on his Maserati he met this other women that could not find a ride. He asked her and she sat right in. In further conversation Echo found out her name was Katie. They found out they both lived across the street from each other. They fell in love finding out that Echo’s dad had saved Katie’s dad from getting crushed in a coal mine. Later during the drive, only 321/2 miles from their destination, Katie saw Echo take out a pouch of chewing tobacco. She slapped him thinking he was different than what he had imagined. Due to the slap, Echo was heartbroken. Driving aside a cliff on their way home, Echo lost concentration of the road and the other vehicles passing by. The weather all of a sudden got all thunderous and rainy. Due to the fact that he was speeding he swerved and hit the police car on the opposite side of the road. The car grinding against the edge of the cliff fell over. Viciously hitting the trees and boulders the car fell into the treacherous valley. The crowd gathering near the totalled car, hear the sirens of the police and ambulance. Followed by the vans of news reporters following. They saw how the car was scorched and completely wrecked. The police and their dogs went into a thorough search to find anything of the victims of the tragic event, but there was no clue. They found his watch and about 368 ft. from the crash site. Due to the clue found they concluded that both of the passengers have been dead. They still have idea as to whether they were burnt or crushed to death. Going no further they decided to find out their whereabouts. After finding out they went to the address of his parents house. With bad news they rang the bell. Echo’s mother happily rushing to the door thinking she will find Echo there. As the door slowly opens up she sees some 7 police cars with their hats and heads down. Echo’s mother gets frightened as to what happened. Courageously the policemen told the mother of the 24-year old the tragic event. She was not as shocked to hear the news of her son being dead as she was when she found out it was because of the influence of tobacco. Chewing tobacco to be exact. Echo’s mother fell into deep depression. It also fell very hard on his father when he returned from work. It was hard for both of them to control each other. Not very far from the death of their son they had also died. It was the stress that caused their brains to get clouded and for them to get very worried. The mother dying of a heart attack at the age of 54. This traumatic event of his wife dying caused Echo’s father to commit suicide. Their family’s existence was over sooner than expected only because of the influence of drugs their son had gotten, caused Echo to die. Although, Echo was dead physically his parents were dead mentally and socially. They were dead from the inside. He knew there were bound to be rough days ahead but coming home with his friend whom he’d grown closer to had become lovers only to die forever together.

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