Stormbreaker ANthony Harroitz

The overall location is his city/town because that's where his uncle worked. However the story is picking up to somewhere in Europe where his uncle had many missions. I imagine it to be like an ordinary town, modern too.
Specifically it's taking place in Ian's Riders office (his uncle. He also gets knocked out for almost a day and wakes up in someone's bed he looks out the window and sees a forest like area. When he gets up Curry, the house he is in asked him to join them for lunch.

I think it takes place in the modern era. Probably closer to the cold season I imagine it to be fairly gloomy and a quiet sort of vibe.

I imagined it to be cold a fairly gloomy, with a very quiet vibe. It makes me feel like something can happen at any moment keeping me suspensed.
The type of population I assume to be very empty but good people as it said in the book that there were good people in his neighborhood but however there was certain suspicions. Makes me feel like Alex is being watched and that the government isn't trying to let Alex know what happened.
Modern clothing Alex described a Nike shirt with black pants and white shoes. Nike is a very modern brand and they way he described it doesn't sound old. He says it as he is dressing himself.
Very gloomy mood but very suspenseful, the part of the setting that really creates it is the fact how Alex passed out and he saw these trees. He made it seem very enclosed. However Alex was taken so that's why I think it added the suspense.
The setting affected the story because it added the feeling that his uncle died and how it's a depressing situation. It adds the fact that Alex is on his own and how the suspense puts Alex into this persons house that Alex does not know and he just tells him that he works with the secret agent that his father used to work for before he passed away.


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