Pioneers in Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

From blacksmith’s forge ​to global corporation

Bucher Industries has been making ​industrial history for over 200 years

What began more than 200 years ago with a small forge has, through the efforts of several generations, developed into an ultra-modern, globally active technology group for mechanical and vehicle engineering. We look back with great respect and pride on Bucher's countless pioneering industrial achievements. With great pleasure, but also with some humility in view of this long industrial tradition, we are committed to continuing this impressive success story with an innovative spirit, perseverance and boldness.


Blacksmith Heinrich Bucher

Heinrich Bucher (-Weiss) (1784 – 1850) runs a forge in a small hamlet near Niederweningen on the Zurich cantonal border, laying the foundation stone for the Bucher Group.


Recorded in the commercial register

The forge, with four employees, is given the company entry “Johann Bucher, mechanical workshop, manufacture of mechanical components for agricultural machines”. Johann is the grandson of Heinrich Bucher.


Change of company name to Bucher-Guyer

The company name “Maschinenfabrik Johann Bucher-Manz” is changed to “Maschinenfabrik Jean Bucher‑Guyer”. The number of employees has grown to 150.


Successful "Luna"

The "Luna" centrifugal slurry pump achieves gratifying sales at home and abroad.


Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hauser

Walter Hauser (-Bucher) (1904 - 1967) gradually takes over the management. The company has 215 employees in Niederweningen and 40 in Griessen. A horse-drawn mower with an auxiliary engine is Bucher’s first motorized agricultural machine to be launched on the market.


Bucher invests in Kuhn

Bucher-Guyer acquires a stake in the French agricultural machinery manufacturer Kuhn Frères & Cie. in Saverne and further expands the company.


First Bucher tractor

The first Bucher four-wheel tractors are introduced to the market. Bucher-Guyer quickly becomes one of the most important manufacturers of Swiss tractors. By 1964, a total of 5,000 units has been delivered.


Pioneering achievement with HP 5000

The first HP 5000 universal fruit press is delivered. It represents a significant step in rationalizing the processing of fruit, berries and vegetables into clear juices.


Vaslin, and stock market flotation

Bucher acquires the French grape press manufacturer CMMC, now Bucher Vaslin. Under the brands “Vaslin” and “Bucher”, the company markets its leading wine production facilities worldwide. In 1986, “Bucher Holding” bearer shares are also floated on the stock exchange. Group sales amount to CHF 430 million. The company has 2,730 employees.

1991 – 1994

Municipal vehicles

Bucher acquires the sweeper and snow-blower business of the Swiss company Rolba Kommunaltechnik AG. In 1994, the truck-mounted sweeper business Schörling is acquired, and the German company Bucher Schörling GmbH is founded in Hanover.


Expansion of hydraulics business

The acquisitions of Hidroirma in 1994, Beringer Hydraulik in 1996 and Hydrotechnik Frutigen in 1997 sets the course for Bucher Hydraulics to become a globally active business.


"Duro" for the army

Production of the "Duro" all-terrain vehicle begins in 1994. Around 3,000 units will be delivered to the Swiss Army by 2002.


Purchase of Emhart Glass

Bucher invests in another core business by acquiring Emhart Glass, the leading manufacturer of machinery for the production of glass containers.


Three companies are sold

Bucher sells the motor-mower division and thus discontinues its own agricultural machinery manufacturing operations at the Niederweningen site. The remaining activities of the former Machinery Division known as Laeis-Bucher and the "Duro" all-terrain vehicle business are also sold.

2005 – 2007

Standard registered share

In 2005, unitary standard registered shares in "Bucher Industries" are listed on the stock exchange. Bucher acquires the sweepers division of the British company Johnston Sweepers. In 2007, the Group generates sales of CHF 2,500 million, has 7 500 employees and acquires Monarch Hydraulics in the USA.

2009 – 2011

The Kuhn Group product range is strengthened with balers and agricultural machinery for grain cultivation in North America.

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About Bucher Hydraulic's history

About Bucher Industry's history

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