Chpt.9 Lesson 3

Eight planets orbit the sun, of them four are rocky, and closer to the sun. These are the inner planets.


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It has no atmosphere so the sun beats it at day making it hot hot hot! At night the lack of atmosphere can't hold the heat in so, it is freezing. It has thousands of craters from asteroids that hit.


Venus is the second closet planet to the sun. It is hot, and dry. Its atmosphere is made of swirling clouds. The clouds produce strong winds and lighting. The clouds cover the planet and, are extremely toxic. It easily reflects light making it very bright. It rotates opposite of earth.


Earth is the third closet planet to the sun. It is the only planet with liquid water. Earth is the only planet known to support life. It is 3/4 water. It is the largest inner planet and, is the one we live on. It's atmosphere is 150 kilometers thick the perfect balance for life. It's atmosphere shields everything from harmful rays of the sun. The air contains Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, and Water vapor.


Mars is the fourth closest planet from the sun. It is called the red planet because of the iron oxide in the soil making it red. It has polar ice caps that grow in winter and, shrink in summer. Winds cause dust storms that can cover the whole planet.


The end

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