Nathan Brown CEO Carbon Negative Energy

Nothing excites me more than truly disruptive technology. The kind that stands the world straight on its head and changes the way people think about what is possible. Through innovation I see an opportunity to help people think in new ways about engineering, technology and the problems we encounter each day.

The course that I wish had been offered in college is the geography of technology. Where is a specific piece of technology or invention created? What does it become? How do ideas and inventions move through industries and society with time?

Non-traditional transfer of ideas and technology across industries is what interests me the most. Traditional development is hard and it takes a long time, its also predictable. When one field or industry can utilize information and technology created in another field things tend to move a little faster. The people and companies that are technologically aware and capable of identifying, leveraging and utilizing technology across industries are the ones that hold the keys to our future.

I look forward to the day that I can walk through the world and see one thing, no matter how big or small, that I touched, either created or improved that is appreciated and adds value to society.

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