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Chapter 1: Introduction Bettina
Chapter 2: Beth presenting Ilearn Tools
Chapter 3: Rebecca with an example of her teaching externals GEN110
Chapter 4: Bettina on external teaching tools and wrapping up
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What is online teaching for you? Please post a short definition in this google docs.


Personalise! Socialise! Mobilise! Surprise!


How could you succeed? KISSEE Keep It Simple and Structured Emotional Engaging!

Tools of engagement in iLearn, Beth presentation

ALP link student submission (scroll down on the page, it is the very last item)

  • create an appealing 'materials ' package'
  • feed-forward, timely and precisely
  • offer opportunities to become a live member in a class lecture (ALP)
  • combine int/ext groups in discussion forums
Do's and Don'ts

The following video by "Nomadic Learning" is not our product, but gives a good insight in how to design successfully for external students. It is very structured! And always give an indication of time.

Appealing material package with Rich Media

video to engage external students

Mindshift - Teachers' guide to using videos

Videos: Welcome and Content videos. Detailed description and examples incl. the video order form in the our FoA CoP

FoA Community of Practice

Archive Videos provided by the Library , why reinventing the wheel?

Video Streaming Collection

The FoA Toolbox is a Treasure box!

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Resources: Bonk Bible Adding some TEC-VARIETY ,100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online

Top Tactic for more engaged classrooms

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