Feudal Japan by: tyler Cote

There are many customs that keep structure in society. These structures are important for many reasons. For example it keeps the societies organized in routines and expectations of their roles and contributions.


One custom important to Japan is Feudalism. It is a social system where people are ranked by there power. This was used in Medieval Europe as a way to keep structure in society. For example the hierarchy of King, Nobles, Knights, and finally Peasants help keep structure in society by dictating to everyone their job and keeps everyone organized. Without it the social system would be unorganized and chaos would erupt.

Samurai Code

Another custom that keeps structure in society is the Samurai Code. It is the Samurai Code, also known as Bushido that called on warriors to be honest, fair, and fearless. They must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else. Samurais are legendary warriors who held the code in high respect. This keeps structure in society because it separates Samurais from other classes.

Sense of Honor

A final custom that keeps structure in society a Samurai's sense of honor. It is in Bushido or the Samurai's code. For example, Samurai's would be loyal to their lord and if the lord died, would avenge his death. This keeps structure in society because nobody would have as much loyalty as a Samurai does. Without a sense of honor, a samurai wouldn't trust anybody. His high regard for this loyalty and respect is important for the sense of honor custom.

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