analysis of shakespeare's work modern vs original by chelsea parra and gavyne mata

the Shakespeare play we chose was Twelfth Night with the modern adaptation She's The Man.

EQ: what are the moral dilemmas viola face when trying to be someone else?

thesis statement: In both works Viola faces moral dilemmas such as getting too close to duke while in disguise and haveing to choose between keeping it up or showing herself to be happy.

Some differences in the play and the adaptation are that viola pretends to be a man named Cesario in the play while in the adaptation she pretends to be her twin brother, Sebastian. Another difference is that in the play viola goes to work for Orsino while in the movie she becomes the characters equivalent, Duke's roommate at the school.

There were also a lot of similarities. For example all the names where the same for each character in each version. Another similarity is how Duke and Viola get close while she is in disguise.


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