Donato Bramante by adam roy

Donato Bramante was born in Urbino, Italy in around 1444. Little is known about his childhood but he is thought to have been influenced by Piero della Francesca, Melozzo da Forll, and Luciano Laurana in the Federigo da Montefeltro Court. His was a patron for the Sforza family, he designed plans for buildings, mainly religious buildings, such as Saint Peter’s Basilica, San Pietro in Montorio, and Saint Maria delle Grazie. Classicism is used in most of his architectures, there are many columns, domes, and arches. Another “ism” used is secularism, which is not used in Saint Peter’s Basilica but in other buildings.

This is Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. Construction on it started in 1506 by Donato Bramante. This piece is a basilica located inside the Vatican City. This piece is significant because it is the church that the Pope prays in, it had to be a beautiful church in order to please the Pope. Saint Peter’s Basilica is the most religious building in Christianity. The church is a masterpiece fit for the pope and God. This building is so spectacular because of its size as well as the columns and the massive dome for its time period is mind boggling for how he did it. Classicism is closely linked to this piece because it has many columns, a dome, and arches showing the people going back to the Classical period, Rome and Greece. I find this piece so interesting because of how magnificent it is. I also find this building so interesting because I am Catholic so that church is a symbol and that is where the Pope lives. It is one of the holiest buildings in Christianity.

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