Good Life Tour Of The Harn Nicholas Heiss

Introduction: The tour of the Gainesville Harn Museum was amazing. I found a lot of interesting paintings and it really helped me take a new look into art. There was something for everyone as each artist displayed their own themes in all of the sculptures and paintings there. Some of the artists wanted to portray happiness and pleasure, while others wanted to portray sadness and guilt. This helped me to relate to almost every piece there and really improved my experience because it takes you on a big roller coaster of emotions. Overall, the experience really helped to better my understanding of art and how it can impact people in numerous ways.

Horizontal Mask Sculpture by Tyelibele Senufo

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: One piece that I thoroughly enjoyed was the horizontal mask sculpture. It was made by Tyelibele Senufo and helped to represent the beliefs of his people, one of which is respecting elders. I am overjoyed that I went to see this sculpture in person because if I had seen it online I more than likely would have glanced over it and never gained the true meaning for the sculpture. The piece of art really communicated to me a sense of eeriness but also a sense of respect. The mask represents the korubia who watches over people and when they die he allows them to be taken to the next world. This made the mask a little creepy but the fact that there is a new journey someone was about to begin was really interesting to me. The way the artist dressed the sculpture struck me because it resembled their time and it made me think of how in the future people may view our artwork the way we view older ones today. Overall the piece really connected to me because as the people the mask guides begin a new journey, we are beginning a new one here at UF.

Zandvoort by Frank Stella

Design of the Museum: The exhibit that stuck out the most to me was the wing with all of the old African collections. As you first walk into it, they have a projector playing a video of old traditions and this helps to draw you in and put you in the right state of mind to look at the pieces you are about to see. I think this is extremely important because if you are not ready mentally to see what you are about to view, you won't appreciate it as much. The lighting and layout were also both very important factors of the exhibit. The lighting was perfectly set in order to help you see the piece of artwork but not to blind you and the lighting also helped to point out key pieces of the artwork helping you to understand each piece a little bit better. The layout of the was very important because it allowed you to go on the journey back in time and follow how the culture evolved and adapted to new technology and changes around them. Overall I really enjoyed the exhibit and as a kid I was interested in the old African culture which is another reason why I was so drawn to this exhibit.

Fishing Sculpture by Opuarungu

Art and Core Values: The fishing sculpture by Opuarungu was one of the first things I noticed in the exhibit. It portrays people who are on a boat working their daily jobs and although it may be tough, they do it anyways. One of my main core values is perseverance and this sculpture to me represented it immediately. The piece of artwork makes me want to go out and push through whatever I have to do. It also helps me appreciate what I have because it provides me insight on others lives and even if I was complaining, these people were doing their job no matter what the circumstances. The snake on the front of the boat also helps to show what they were dealing with and really drives the point home of doing what has to be done no matter the obstacles.

Pieces by Cundo Bermudez

Art and the Good Life: I believe that both of these paintings do a very good job in representing the happiness portion of the good life. Both paintings show people relaxing and looking very content with where they are in their life and it reminds me of when Siddhartha was able to finally obtain enlightenment. The people on the right who are playing music seem to be enjoying themselves and doing what they love to do and I believe this is a very big part of what you have to do in order to reach your good life. The paintings make me appreciate the theme of happiness more because they both make it seem achievable. Despite whatever is going on, both groups of people made it to a point of being content in that period of time and that inspires me to go and try to find that place for myself. Both paintings make sure to represent that theme of happiness and they both make it seem like you can do whatever you put your mind too, all you have to do is do the work to get there.

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