Dropping masses Changing mass


The concept learned from our expirement is that the LargEr the mass the larger the CRater(impact).


I know that when we increase the mass, the amount of gpe(gravitational potential energy) is increased or amount of energy transferred to the sand. This because a greater mass is being accelerated towards the earth at a rate of 9.81 m/s/s. When the mass is increased, the potential energy will increase because GPE=m*g*h. An example of this is when we dropped a .02kg weight 1m, making a crater that was 1.1cm deep. The GPE is .196J. When we dropped a .5kg weight the depth of the crater was 5.2cm. An increase of 4.1cm. The GPE of the .5kg weight was 4.9J.


This is because mass is PROPORTIONAL to impact. GPE WHICH STANDS FOR GRAVITIONAL POTIENTAL ENERYGY USES mass, gravity, and height to find the Amount of poetiential energy being built up. Since the mass increseas then the amount of potiential energy Increases, and when that happens the imapct becomes stronger or in this case Our crater became larger.

Mass vs GPE

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